Point cloud import

The most significant feature included with v1.1 is the ability to import and view point cloud models in .las or .laz format at 1:1 scale in VR. Along with the new point cloud import we've added a new, expansive studio space created specifically for viewing large-scale point cloud models.




In addition to point cloud imports we've included the ability to import an second model on top of the existing model. After importing a point cloud model, users will be able to import a SketchUp model as well. This is a key feature that allows AEC professionals to review design proposals over scans of an existing environment.



Grab, extended grab

Grab and Extended grab allows users to move SketchUp models around in Studio or Immerse mode after loading a point cloud model, which can be useful for placing a model of a proposed design in the desired position on top of a point cloud model.


Fly jet

The Fly jet tool allows users to fly around their models by holding the grip button on the right hand controller. This is great for travelling around large models, in particular point cloud models that can be difficult to navigate with point-and-click teleport.


SYMMETRY Cloud UI refinements

Finally, to round off the major updates included in v1.1, we have made some significant UI improvements to the web interface for SYMMETRY Cloud. Creating projects, uploading models, and inviting team members to collaborate is now easier with SYMMETRY.