The SYMMETRY VR workflow solution tool is designed to integrate into a designer’s workflow to accelerate the validation process with greater accuracy and sense of scale. With SYMMETRY, designers can review, revise, and validate their designs with ease, allowing for a smooth workflow and improved communication.

Import 3D CAD files and experience them at 1:1 scale in VR

Simply import 3D CAD files from within VR to view design proposals in VR at 1:1 scale. Designs can be viewed as a maquette at 1:10, 1:50, or 1:100 scale prior to immersion, with support for online collaboration allowing multiple stakeholders to inhabit the same 3D CAD model and discuss design direction. Moving around models is as simple as point-and-click, with an intuitive interface that lowers the bar to entry.

Add markups and annotation to clarify design revisions

SYMMETRY supports markups and annotation, allowing team members and clients to communicate revision direction with ease. All markups are saved to the 3D CAD model and synced to CAD software via SYMMETRY Cloud. Revision history is archived and accessible to all team members.

Accelerate the validation process

Verify design revisions and validate workflow checkpoints from within VR to accelerate the validation process. Using the SYMMETRY Plugin, designers can set workflow checkpoints within 3D CAD models to be verified at 1:1 scale. Clients can review design changes and approve or resubmit for revision, all within VR.

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