About PROJECT OMNIVERSE (Project Omnivers)

The next most important factor in enhancing the sense of reality and immersion in VR space is "auditory sense" "tactile sensation", after "vision". Divers and Sennheiser focused on "auditory sense" and started demonstration experiments to expand the possibilities of stereophonic sound simulation in VR space. That is 'PROJECT OMNIVERSE'.


We will develop 3D sound that is optimized for VR space by combining the VR tool 'SYMMETRY (symmetry)' that promotes smooth communication and decision making through more accurate sharing and confirmation of "idea" "Image" and "Design" in the VR space developed and provided by DeVers, the 'Ambeo VR Mic' that uses the acoustic technology Ambisonics (ambisonics) that reproduces the sound field of the entire 360 ° space including the front, back, left, right, top and bottom, developed and provided by Sennheiser, the reverberation characteristic signal 'Investor Relations (Impulse Response)' that enables reproduction of reverberation of buildings and structures, and the recorded environmental sound, which not only faithfully reproduces the environmental sound, but also enhances the sense of immersion into the content and the sound entertainment by adding and processing new sound sources.


In the business field, we expect to use the system in real estate for the indoor environment of condominiums and detached houses, in concert hall design and direction, in store and office design for the reproduction of room acoustics, and in the entertainment field for the high-end sound effects and direction in content development.

Comments from Sennheiser Japan Marketing Manager Hirosuke Osawa

"Sennheiser is currently pursuing various developments in the field of stereophonic sound. In particular, 3D sound in VR has great potential. For example, in audio recording and editing of 360 ° video, not only can the original sound be cut out faithfully, but also by enlarging/reducing interpretation and adding sound sources according to the producer's intention, deeper message transmission becomes possible, which leads to a wider range of production itself. I would like to propose a new way of stereophonic sound at PROJECT OMNIVERSE."


SYMMETRY (symmetry) is software that facilitates smooth communication and decision making through more accurate sharing and verification of "idea" "Image" and "Design" in VR space. 3D CAD (SketchUp) support enables intuitive interaction in VR space. The target markets are architecture, civil engineering, design and education.
SYMMETRY official site:http://www.symmetryvr.com/



*Symmetry means "symmetry", and it was named as a thing and a place that can project images and ideas drawn in the user's mind into a VR space.

About Sennheiser

Sennheiser is an audio equipment manufacturer in Germany. As one of the world's top brands in terms of headphones, we are highly supported by the general public who are particular about sound. Microphones, on the other hand, are recognized and used as indispensable for sound professionals, such as recording microphones in studios and wireless microphones in live houses and concert halls.


About Dverse

Established on October 20, 2014 in Delaware, USA. It consists of creators and specialists from various genres such as system development, game development, video production, audio production, and space design. Divers will accelerate innovation in "xR region" called VR/AR/MR.


Company profile

Company Name: Zenheiser Japan Co., Ltd.
Address: -1 -1, Aoyama 1, Minato Ward, Tokyo Prefecture (Shin-Aoyama Building)
Establishment: November 1, 2007
President & CEO: Shozo Kubo
URL: http://www.sennheiser.co.jp/

Company Name: DVERSE Inc. (Divers Inc.)
Address: 113 Barksdale Professional Center, Newark, Delaware 19711 USA (headquarters in the United States): 4F Nishisando K House, 3 -45 -2
Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151 0053 (Japan Office)
Establishment: October 20, 2014
President & CEO: Shogo Numakura
URL: http://dverse.me/


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