Drone Point Cloud Data Acquisition

satellite data

Point cloud data captured by the drone is displayed as SYMMETRY alpha


contents of the demonstration experiment

This experiment is a joint project of the Mischievous Civil Engineering Network (Abbreviation: YDN) and Divers, a network of builders that verifies the implementation of the latest IT technology at construction civil engineering sites. Using the 'SYMMETRY alpha' developed by Davers, photos taken by drones and point cloud data (Terrain, 3D coordinates of the building, and RGB color information) created by laser scanners will be read into the virtual reality space, and this will be a demonstration experiment to make it possible to enter the actual site, check the stage, and measure the actual shape.


Point cloud data acquisition by drone operation

satellite data

Acquisition of point cloud data by laser scanner

Since it is possible to accurately reproduce the actual place and enter, it becomes possible to confirm the information on the virtual space without going to the actual place. In the future, the system is expected to be used in a variety of ways, such as to confirm the state of collapse in a disaster site in real time from a remote location, and to measure accurate distances and dimensions.

Comments from Mr. Kyoji Nitta, Public Works Planning and Coordination Division, General Policy Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

"One of the biggest strengths of VR is its ability to do realistic 'simulated experience'. You can experience the realism and scale of the scene, and your understanding will improve in a moment. In the civil engineering field, designers, local residents and users can share concrete images after completion from the planning stage. In the construction stage, not only hazard analysis of workers but also process process can be shared in time series, and it can be expected to be used not only for construction management but also for inspection. We hope that new proposals for VR will accelerate consensus building and decision making, resulting in innovative improvements in productivity."


About SYMMETRY alpha

SYMMETRY alpha is VR software that uses HMD (head mounted display) and enables anyone to easily virtualize 3DCAD to facilitate image sharing, communication and consensus building within the company and with clients. The format is compatible with Trimble "SketchUp (SketchUp)".

SYMMETRY official site:

*Symmetry means "symmetry", and it was named as a thing and a place that can project images and ideas drawn in the user's mind into a VR space.


About DVERSE Inc.

Established on October 20, 2014 in Delaware, USA. It consists of creators and specialists from various genres such as system development, game development, video production, audio production, and space design.
We will create new value in the world by developing new creative environments with HMD/VR.


Mischievous Civil Engineering Network (YDN)

This is a network of voluntary construction companies established to share "new and useful information" with civil engineers who tend to rely on their own existing technologies. We aim to improve our technologies through regular technical study meetings held three times a year, technical presentations from members, and presentations from related companies.

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Company Profile

Company Name: DVERSE Inc. (Divers Inc.) Address: 113 Barksdale Professional Center, Newark, Delaware 19711 USA (headquarters in the United States): 4F Nishisando K House, 3 -45 -2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151 0053 (Japan Office) Establishment: October 20, 2014 President & CEO: Shogo Numakura URL: