DVERSE Inc. (Shogo Numakura, CEO, Delaware, and others "Divers"), a company that develops and provides 360 degree virtual reality content using video and 3D computer graphics, has raised funding in Convertible Note (Equivalent to convertible bond-type bonds with subscription rights to shares in Japan) from Korean investors BonAngels Venture Partners Inc. (Head Office: South Korea Representative: Chang Byeong-gyu et al. "BonAngels") and Viling Venture Partners (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Yusuke Kurishima and others "Viling").

With this funding, we will strengthen our development structure and accelerate the construction of a VR content platform for individuals and businesses so that everyone can easily enjoy VR (VR) content (HMD).


By receiving investments from BonAngels, Korea's leading early-stage venture capital firm, and Viling, which invests in and actively supports educational startups in Japan and overseas, we will accelerate the growth of our VR services. Divers will create "Infotainment (Infotainment)" and "Edutainment (Edutainment)" through "VRXinformation Xeducation Xentertainment" and provide new value to the global VR market.

Kim Beom-seok (Kim Bong-seok), Head of BonAngels Venture Partners Inc. Japan Office, commented:
"In order to build synergies between VR technologies with social potential and impact and the content and media industries, we are pleased to be able to participate in this venture through our investment in a department with deep experience and execution capabilities in VR. We look forward to the future growth of the VR market and diversity."

Yusuke Kurishima, President of Viling Venture Partners, commented:
"Education using VR is a very challenging endeavor, and it is expected that it will be used not only in education fields such as public education, but also in fields where education has been difficult until now, and will expand globally in the future. We've already started a number of pilot projects, and we're already seeing MarketFit. We look forward to further growth in the future."


【DVERSE Inc.について】

Established in Delaware, USA on October 20, 2014. It is composed of creators / specialists of each genre such as system development, game development, video production, sound production, and education. We will provide new value to the global VR market by developing new video, audio expression, entertainment, and educational content using HMD / VR.


Company Profile

Company Name: DVERSE Inc. (Divers Inc.)
President & CEO: Shogo Numakura
Address: 113 Barksdale Professional Center, Newark, Delaware 19711 USA (headquarters in the United States), Building 2 -11 -17, Minami-Aoyama 2, Minato-ku, Tokyo, No. 1 Legislative Building 2F (Japan Office)
URL: http://dverse.me/